• For us, being a mission-driven team means working to enable internationally competitive biomedical research, to identify best researchers in India, to nurture them as future leaders, and to build a research ecosystem to ensure impact and excellence.


    • “As it completes its first decade, this is an opportune moment for the India Alliance to draft its priorities for the next phase – to look ahead with even greater courage and go forth even more boldly. Just as the Alliance was started by not doing simply more of the same, you must now open a new path.”

      Shri Ram Nath Kovind
      Hon'ble President of India
    • “Being a clinician, I understand the need to focus on biomedical research and integrate clinicians in the scientific research force to meet the global health challenges. I am glad to see the India Alliance, the partnership of DBT and Wellcome Trust, has tried to breach the gap between clinical practice and scientific research.”

      Dr. Harsh Vardhan
      Hon’ble Union Minister for Science & Technology & Earth Sciences
      Government of India
    • “As an established and respected international partnership, we can do more than fund people with great ideas. We must push ourselves in our second decade to do more. We can use our focus on excellence, our experience, expertise and authority to influence the contexts in which ideas progress, and to make sure they can generate the maximum possible benefit for the largest number.”

      Prof. Jeremy Farrar
      Director, Wellcome Trust
    • “Partnerships like the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance are very important to build not only our research collaborations but also to help build capacity for our researchers and students. In 10 years, the India Alliance has become a benchmark for excellence in research.”

      Dr. Renu Swarup
      Secretary, Department of Biotechnology
      Government of India
    • “The 10th year anniversary is a good time for reflection and launching a new vision. There are many gaps that we strive to fill in our quest for diversity, efficiency, equality, (good) outcomes and transparency in science, and the way it links to society both in a local as well as global sense."

      Dr. Shahid Jameel
      CEO, Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance
    • “Foundational development of basic science leading to consequential effects on our society and economy is important. This message will be critical in the next phase of the India Alliance, as we try to strengthen the foundation and increase the footprint of biomedical science.”

      Prof. K. VijayRaghavan
      Principal Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India

Our 10 years

  • 10 years of India Alliance at a glance

    India Alliance has been at the vanguard of change in the past 10 years—transforming the biomedical research environment in India. Find a snapshot of our achievements and our journey so far here.

  • Decade of Discovery: A Film

    Featuring India Alliance Fellows and our leaders, this film highlights our sphere of action and the scientific breadth that is funded by us. 

  • Decade of Discovery

    Connecting science, innovation, and society

    (Produced in partnership with Nature India)

    As part of our 10th-anniversary celebrations, a collection of research highlights (science funded by India Alliance) and essays/articles about the biomedical research ecosystem in India were commissioned in collaboration with Nature. Access the special issue here.

  • India Alliance Bookzine : An art and science collaboration

    The bookzine is a collection of illustrations that showcase the research funded by India Alliance


Talks and Panel Discussions

To commemorate the tenth year, India Alliance hosted an array of science talks and panel discussions on cutting-edge research and research needs in India, which featured India Alliance Fellows, other experts, and representatives of both national and international organizations. The videos of all the sessions are available Here.

The Explorer Series

Every Scientist is an ‘Explorer’–infinitely curious about the world around, passionate about questions, and innovative with designing solutions that benefit the society. The Scientist-Explorers encourage us to act with the spirit of enquiry, push boundaries, and pursue big ideas. A scientist’s journey—from chasing the unknown to the eureka moment—packs the punch of a compelling story.

Live their adventure

  • Explorer 1

    Why should we study malaria in birds?

    Dr. Farah Ishtiaq, Indian Institute of Science

    Farah talks about her trysts with birds, malaria parasites, and the Himalayas. Farah is interested in disease ecology and works to understand malaria in birds.

  • Explorer 2

    That device in your palm can revolutionize healthcare

    Dr. Rashmi Rodrigues, St. John’s Medical College

    Rashmi talks about her journey from being just a beneficiary of mobile phone technology to harnessing it to support health care. Rashmi is interested in developing better public healthcare support systems and works on infectious diseases like HIV infection and tuberculosis.

  • Explorer 3

    A dogged problem: Can India eliminate rabies by 2030?

    Dr. Abi T Vanak, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)

    Abi explores the canine conundrum of how dogs, our faithful companions, have evolved into mortal enemies. Abi is interested in disease and animal-movement ecology and works to understand rabies in India by combining ecology, epidemiology, and human health.

  • Explorer 4

    If we can make computers play chess, why can't we make them see?

    Dr. S. P. Arun, Indian Institute of Science

    Arun explains the complex brain functions associated with the simple act of seeing and identifying objects. Arun is interested in visual perception and object identification and works to elucidate object recognition at the behavioural, neuronal, and computational levels.

About the India Alliance

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance is an £160 million initiative funded equally by the Wellcome Trust, UK and Department of Biotechnology, India. The broad aim of the India Alliance is to build excellence in the Indian biomedical scientific community by supporting future leaders in the field. The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance (IA; India Alliance) was officially launched on 9 September 2008 and registered as a charitable trust in India. The organisation is an equal partnership between the Wellcome Trust (UK) and the Department of Biotechnology (Government of India). Read More

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